Join us for Rosh Hashanah Services on September 30 (evening) and October 1 and 2 (daytime) and Yom Kippur Services on September 8 and 9. More info here.

We offer traditional egalitarian services that are warm, welcoming and song-filled.

There is no cost and there are no tickets. You can contribute by being a minyan-maker (i.e., arriving at the start of services) and helping us get off to a strong start! And, you can offer a donation on our donations page if you are able.

In October, we will be meeting on the following dates:

Shabbat–the first and third Shabbatot, October 5 (Shabbat Shuva) and 19 (Shabbat Hol Ha’Moed)

Sukkot–both days. The first day will be at the Workmen’s Circle and the second day will be in a private home, TBC.

Simchat Torah–we will meet on Sunday night, October 20th.